Armelle Habib © 2013

Predominantly influenced by her love of landscapes and brave colour combinations – (not to mention a rich tapestry of nostalgic child hood travel experiences to draw upon) -British born Ali McNabney-Stevens has quickly and notoriously become one of the most collectible emerging artists within Australia, whilst simultaneously attracting worldwide attention for her art practises.

Ali’s well-trained eye for colour and composition finds her painting abstract work that celebrates both Ulster landscapes along side the everyday ordinary still life’s and Australian flora and fauna.

The Ulster landscape in particular and Ali’s relationship with it evokes deep emotions and memories that sees her executing abstract expressions of the feeling and memory. It is seemingly this dualism of the important yet the simple that strikes a chord with the artist, and the admirer. Ali works with brushstrokes and layers of paint that emanate luminously from the depths of the canvas. Her complex layering of paint parallels an accumulation of ideas, thoughts and emotions collected over time. The result is palpable, and converts the artist’s love of cultural experience to that of a sensual experience when viewing.

“I always feel as if I am working on the edge of something, with my sole aim being to give life to the painting. The painting takes me where it wants to go.”

Having earned her Honours degree in Design and History of Art from Edinburgh College of Art, with further fine art studies at London’s prestigious St Martin’s, Ali consistently displays her pedigree with an impressive body of original and limited edition abstract works that demonstrate versatility and individuality.

As a feature artist in many leading interior editorial spreads, international blogs, and of late regular guest appearances on primetime National TVC- it is fair to say that Ali continues to make her mark on the art world, whilst working on new and exciting collaborations with other well-known creative’s.